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Connection Guide
  1. In order to play on our servers, you will need to create an account. We promise to keep your password and personal information a secret. You can create your account by clicking Here.

  2. Navigate to the "World of Warcraft/Data/enUS/" file.

  3. Open the file with Notepad or any text editor.

  4. Delete everything and enter this: set realmlist

  5. Save the file, download our custom patches, log in and start playing!

  6. In order to play on our server you will need to download our custom patch

    Patch-G 9MB

  7. Navigate to the data folder inside of your World of Warcraft directory, and place the Patch-G file inside of it, after that delete your Cache folder and you'll be ready to Astral.

Optional Patches

    Patch-A 1GB

    Optional patch, which contains all Legion druid forms, HD WOD Character models and updated animations.

    Patch-I 2GB Mega.NZ

    Optional patch containing all Armor Textures up to Patch 7.1.5. Works really well with our custom transmogrification NPC which can create any item as long as you provide a proper display ID.

    Credits to Philiphovic from ac-web who converted and shared all of these Legion textures

set realmlist
Astral (3.3.5)

Custom, Haste, Artifacts
2 Players Online
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