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May 27, 2017.
New RS:

Dungeon Difficulty: 5 Player - Solo

- This instance is designed for solo RS farming. You can still enter as a group, but you will roll for loot.

- It will remain with the old loot system (no auto loot) so that it remains group loot.

- Bosses have 100M HP.

- Boss Loot:

* Flowery Stone (x5) : 100%

* Titan Stone (x5) : 100%

* Timeless Leather (x1) : 25%

* Bosses award 60/120 MG.

Dungeon Difficulty: 5 Player (Heroic) - Group

- This instance is designed for group RS farming.

- It has the auto loot system.

- Bosses have 325M HP.

- Boss Loot:

* Flowery Stone (x5) : 100%

* Titan Stone (x5) : 100%

* Timeless Leather (x1) : 35%

* Bosses award 125/250 MG.

Note: The RS Daily will only be able to be completed in 5 Player. This means you can still group for the Daily but it must be done in 5 Player with group loot
May 26, 2017.
Due to popular demand, we have decided to go through with the following changes to our looting system.

- The whole idea behind implementing this new system was to completely remove RNG from our server.

- Instead of players being awarded based on their luck, we want them to be awarded based on their hardwork, dedication and the playtime they put into this server. Therefore we've increased most drop chances in our custom instances to 100%.

- With this, we've also modified all of our custom quests, to require more materials. The numbers on the quests may seem to big when you first see them, but rest assured, we've done A LOT of math in order to make this work.

- New Looting System:

- With the massive changes to drop rates, we've decided to implement an automated looting system.

- Instead of pulling the whole instance and spending 10 minutes looting 500 dead corpses, you will insantly be awarded with all of the items the creature was supposed to drop.

- NOTE: Some of our creatures won't use this system, like the bosses in the VIP map, Battle Angel, bosses in the Olympic zones etc.
May 24, 2017.
- Creatures: * Converting NPC fixed, price of conversion reduced to 50MG. - NEW SCRIPTED CREATURE: Gamble NPC. * Bet with any amount you like, and the amount will get added into a total pot. You have a 3% chance of winning the total pot.
May 23. 2017.
Class Changes:


- SoV and SoC nerfed.

Priest: - Divine Aegis Fixed.

- Improved Devouring Plague Rescaled.

- Divine Hymn scaled down


- Corruption now scales with haste.

- Unstable Affliction now scales with haste

- Immolate now scales with haste

- Curse of Agony now scales with haste

- Voidwalker Sacrifice scaled down.


- Living Bomb now scales with haste.

- Ignite now scales with haste.


- Death Wish + Enranged will now work together.

- Cleave now hits up to 11 targets.

Worked/Tested AoE's on all Classes:

- Buffed Blood Boil for DK.

- Warr's are OK after Cleave change.

- Pallies consecration does NOT need a buff. Stop asking

- Druids are OK.

- Buffed Hunter volley and explosive trap.

- Shamans AoE will be buffed slightly in the future, but they are a strong single target class.

- Rogues are OK.

- Buffed Mind Sear for Priest.

- Nerfed Flamestrike for Mage. Buffed Blizzard.

- Warlocks are OK/good if you use seed while pulling and not after they are all grouped up
May 22. 2017.
New Housing System:

- Players can now buy House Tokens for 1k MG each.

- Players can use these House Tokens to buy available houses/land.

- The price of each house/land is based off of the quality of it.

- Once you buy the land, you can spawn from a list of NPC's and Game Objects.

- You can also have players visit your land.

Changes to Housing System:

The following creatures have been added to spawn list:

"Celestial Being"

"Tree Trent Trenterson"

"Vote Rewards NPC"

"Arena Master (1v1 Arena)"


"Display Vendor"

"Auctioneer Graves"

"Essential Materials"

"Poisons and Ingredients"
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